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Braid Theory and Treaty Relationships

by Don Richardson, IBA Braiding

So what's up with the name?

Blame Taylor Swift, my daughter (who designed this website) and who got me into listening to Swift's music, and my reading habits. In July, 2020 in the middle of the Pandemic, the ever introspective Swift released the song "Seven" reflecting on her childhood friend, trauma, and the braids of memory - a standout song from her album "Folklore". The chorus from "Seven" became a bit of a guiding light for me into August and the fall, a difficult period of stress, overwork, and finding grounding with family, friends and colleagues.

"Sweet tea in the summer

Cross your heart, won’t tell no other

And though I can’t recall your face

I still got love for you

Your braids like a pattern

Love you to the Moon and Saturn

Passed down like folks songs

The love lasts so long"

~ Taylor Swift - chrous for "Seven"

The first summer of the pandemic was also a time of reading and reflecting on three "braiding" books, and some dipping into "braid theory" in physics:

So what? I think that as in Taylor Swift's song, "Seven", peace and friendship should be woven like braids into our numerous treaty relationships, and like the Covenant Chain, peace and friendship are meant to be tended to, renewed, and continually strengthened in order to benefit future generations. And braids are amazing.

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