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IBA Braiding offers services for Indigenous Impact Benefit Agreements and business development. Our aim is to optimize economic development and environmental protection for major projects, thereby supporting Indigenous ownership and co-development. Our areas of expertise include economic development & partnership structuring, business planning, project impact assessment support, and more.


We have extensive experience with large-scale mining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, and infrastructure development projects. We work with Indigenous communities from coast to coast to coast, and approach each project with a big picture perspective, with capacity-building and long-term goals at the forefront of every consultation/solution.


We are inspired by Indigenomics and Carol Anne Hilton's view that “Indigenous economic health and Canada’s economic health are now intertwined."



It is time to pay attention to this evolving, emerging Indigenous economy and the quality of the Indigenous economic relationship. This emergence is happening now, and it is happening globally. This is the global power shift. It is time.” 

~ Carol Anne Hilton, Indigenomics 

Economic Development & Partnership Structuring

  • Benchmarking with similar Economic Development entities

  • Business opportunity and joint venture assessment

  • Equipment and engineering analysis

  • Assessing project capital requirements for opportunities to shift capital elements to Indigenous ownership

  • Building strong agreements between energy, infrastructure and resource management project proponents and Indigenous Governments 

  • Constructive engagement to foster win/win results that go beyond employment, contracts and revenue, to harness infrastructure and land ownership for future generations

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Business Planning

  • Guidance for initial cashflow and human resources

  • Guidance for business governance

  • Forecasts

  • Strategic Marketing Support

  • Lobbying and public relations to maximize Crown government support

  • Commitment to relevant and effective solutions that address the needs and desires of all parties 

Project Impact Assessment Support

  • Structuring Crown agreements

  • Negotiating initial project "Process Agreements" to lock in your right to "consent" or withhold consent

  • Project infrastructure and operational reviews to find key project values and infrastructure opportunities that often escape final agreements

  • Providing high quality, evidence-based supporting research 

  • Climate change and greenhouse gas offseting opportunities

  • Socio-economic impact assessment

  • Gender-based analysis

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