Waverley Birch


"On that day, when we rise to give thanks to the forest, we may hear the echo in return, the forest giving thanks to the people."


— Robin Wall Kimmerer, Gathering Moss

Waverley is a member of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute, the Alberta Professional Planners Institute, and Canadian Institute of Planners. She is a recipient of several awards for her graduate research, which examined wetland loss and landscape connectivity in southern Ontario.

Waverley has spent a great deal of her life within the Georgian Bay Biosphere – Mnidoo Gamii – where she grew a deep appreciation for the lands and waters. It was here that she first worked with Indigenous Nations. She later travelled to Aotearoa (New Zealand) to work for an ecological restoration project that was a partnership between iwi Māori (Indigenous Nations), a foundation, and federal government. Seeing the positive outcomes of this braiding of knowledge systems led Waverley to seek out equitable partnerships with Indigenous nations on Turtle Island, and she is excited to continue this work through IBA Braiding.

Waverley has successfully led a variety of projects that have engaged community members in ecosystems and policy systems, empowering them to make positive environmental change. She has also performed scientific review and research for many sectors and clients, including First Nations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, municipalities, and the private sector. Waverley’s experience with regulatory processes gives her a critical eye and understanding of how to better achieve project outcomes that sustain ecosystems and communities.